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Helping brands succeed at events & exhibitions in Madrid and Barcelona _

About us _

We are a spanish customer centric stand builder & event producer.

Partnering with leading brands and agencies, we create design, construction, multimedia and logistics solutions for their events and exhibitions, mainly in Madrid and Barcelona, but also in the rest of Spain and abroad.

Outstanding design and in-house production _

We create projects aligned with the goals and values of our clients using the most advanced design and animation tools. We thus achieve better visibility during the design process and greater certainty about the final result.

Finally, we carry them out efficiently thanks to our own production and extensive knowledge of design, technology and project management.

For Brands and Agencies _

Our specialization in stand design and production, makes us an ideal partner for companies, institutions, event agencies and foreign stand builders when they are bringing projects to Spain.
For them, we provide peace of mind through a high-quality management and visibility of all the relevant information they need to know and, if they want, we do all the paperwork on their behalf.
We also try to reduce distances and improve understanding through video conferencing and frequent updating of each project.

With a sustainable approach _

Committed to sustainability, our projects are plastic-free in more than 90% on average. 100% of the wood we use comes from sustainable forests with FSC or PEFC certificates or is recycled and the waste generated at each event or stand is properly processed.
In addition, we measure and offset our carbon footprint through certified carbon sinks to generate net zero emissions and we offer our clients to offset the carbon footprint of their events.

Our mission _

Be the company that best understands and meets the needs of companies undertaking a stand, event or corporate space project at a national or international level.
Facilitate success in this type of project by offering a high level of design and creativity, as well as extensive technical, multimedia, logistical, regulatory and management knowledge.

Clients _

We are happy to bring ideas to life for leading agencies and companies from different sectors, industries and countries.

Coca Cola

Astra Zeneca
Madrid Aymto.
Merk Serono
Plaza Rio 2

Comunica + a
Tmp wordlwide
SM Editorial
Graphen Stone

Belén Cervera // Vice President Santander Corporate & Investment

We have collaborated for years in the organization of some of the most important stands and international events for our department. We have worked together in Sydney, Boston, Miami, Dubai, Singapore, etc. and the level of quality and commitment has always been very good.

It gives us peace of mind to work with Buildin in Spain and abroad.

Joaquín Rodrígo // CEO Sandoz

The help they provide us with the organization of the annual events has led to an improvement in their final quality as well as a better understanding and dialogue in the planning phase.

I would also highlight the approach that we have developed from the point of view of efficiency and sustainability.

Santi Santamaría // Creative Solutions Manager at Fever

Working with them gives us confidence to carry out some of the projects we develop in the experience area.

Together we are able to foresee potential production problems and anticipate making better decisions. We have been working with them for two years and the result is still satisfactory.

Sergio Gonzalez // Marketing Director Plaza Rio 2

We have been counting on Buildin for 8 years. They add value to us in work areas that require criteria in the production of spaces, stands, events, signage or the design of special pieces.
They are among our trusted production providers.

Work _

Produced in Spain and abroad. Designs we are proud of.  Stands, events, retail … Here you can see some projects we have done lately.

Services _

Solutions that combine experience in design, communication, architecture, logistics or international trade fair management. Classified by categories, here you can find what type of projects we can help you with.

Stands for exhibitions and trade shows.

For fairs and exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid or anywhere in Spain. We design, build and handle all the paperwork with the fair (project approval, connections, supplies, canon, etc). Also if necessary audiovisuals, catering, hostesses and other complementary services.

For international fairs we study the specific logistics for each country. We have trusted production partners around the world, although depending on the destination and size of the project we will often be more efficient producing here in our workshop and shipping. This analysis is especially interesting for companies that go to more than one international fair a year.

Production of live or hybrid corporate events

With a live, online, or hybrid approach with streaming. We cover the production and all the management of complementary services that may be needed (audiovisuals, catering, hostesses, hiring speakers, celebrities … etc) to offer turnkey projects of any type:

  • Conventions and launches
  • Congresses or symposia
  • Experiential events
  • Sports events
  • Roadshows
  • Award ceremonies
  • Etc…
Design and production of displays and corners for stores.

From unit productions to small series (up to 100 units) or large (100-2000 units), we have experience in this type of project, having executed projects for national companies (Control, Chicco …) or international (Opel, Samsung …) and even organized the export.

To carry out exhibitors of this type, with a more permanent character than the usual displays, it is often important to have knowledge about different materials (wood, metal, methacrylates, glass …) and about the implementation logistics so that the designs and packaging respond to these needs. In addition, the finishes must be careful and robust because they will be exposed to high traffic and intensive use in most cases.

Design and production of stands for Malls

The design of stands for Shopping Centers has been evolving and growing in terms of number of implementations in recent years. The high traffic in the common areas of the Shopping Centers make this type of stand an ideal formula for the commercialization of products and services, especially those that are consumed in a more impulsive way.

At Buildin we take care of the needs analysis, proposal of constructive solutions and materials, ideal distribution, design, photorealism, construction and installation or installations in case of being more than one nationwide.

Design of corporate, commercial and office spaces.

We collaborate by identifying the technical needs of each type of space and we propose concrete construction solutions that solve them.

Based on this approach, we design corporate spaces from conceptualization to execution. The range of projects is wide and includes:

  • Hybrid offices to respond to hybrid work models: face-to-face and remote.
  • Coworking spaces
  • Receptions
  • Playroom
  • Retail and window dressing
  • Showrooms
  • Restoration
  • Christmas or sample markets

Stand builder partner _

We are one of the companies with the most experience building stands and managing events for foreign companies in Spain as well as projects developed abroad for Spanish Companies.

Our focus on these international projects makes us an ideal production partner for foreign companies that bring a project to Spain or for companies that want the same level of quality for all their projects worldwide with a single management.


It is our main market and our home. We have in-house production and offices in Madrid and Barcelona.

Approximately 60% of our work is carried out in Spain for Spanish and foreign companies that attend trade fairs mainly in Fira (Barcelona) and Ifema (Madrid), so we constantly work in all the large fairs that are held in both cities.


The production strategy in this region varies depending on the square meters, finishes, budget, etc…; Thus, depending on these variables and if the assembly will be carried out in England, Germany, France, Italy … we analyze and propose the most optimal option between building in Spain and transporting by road or ship (to the UK), producing locally with a trusted producer or do it in neighboring countries.

Persian Gulf

We regularly build in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and sometimes in Doha. We collaborate with 2 partners for the Region and we have experience working in both the Dubai World Trade Center and the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center.

North America

We have experience and production partners in Las Vegas, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Mexico City and Toronto.

Depending on the project and due to labor regulations, sometimes it is better to produce in Spain, ship by ship and then assemble at destination.

Asia and Australia

It hosts some of the most important international Fairs in the World. However, there are great contrasts in cost and commitment among suppliers in the countries of the area.

We have collaborated with dozens of local productions until we have a solid group of trusted collaborators to tackle projects in cities such as Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, South Korea or Hong Kong.

South America

We have built in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile. We collaborate with a different production in each one of them and it is important, in some of them, to work on the project well in advance since the procedures often take time.

Despite the fact that each country is very different, we find it comfortable to work there since the language is a common bond that we have.

Madrid • Barcelona
Paris • London • Berlin • Amsterdam • Lisbon • Las Vegas • Miami • Boston • Dusseldorf • Frankfurt • Stuttgart • Mannheim • Amsterdam • Copenhagen • Singapore • South Korea • Tokyo • Sydney • Shanghai • Hong Kong • Moscow • Dubai • Abu Dhabi • Doha

Let´s talk _

To discuss any project or idea, call us or send us an email.




Or if you prefer, leave us your contact information and we will call you or make a video conference.

Madrid office
Calle Carpinteros, 6 
2da planta, 28670
Villaviciosa de Odón,

Barcelona Office
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bajo, 08011


We calculate and offset 100% of our CO2 footprint to achieve ZERO net emissions.

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